Sunday, January 3

Nuestros Filosofos - Ruben Blades y Calle 13

Escucha America! Ruben Blades y Calle 13 son ejemplos de
nuestros filosofos:)

Wednesday, October 15

Andean Pride

Our Andean ancestors continue to live amongst us.
Cynthia Paniagua and her passion for Peruvian dance is a
prime example.

Saturday, January 12



There is one America and it's all of
the Western Hemisphere. In America
lies either the US or Colombia like in
Europe lies either Italy or Spain.

This is a widespread sentiment in Latin
America that has yet to resonate in the

Saturday, January 5

Obama is the Voice of US America

Barack Obama is the most powerful and
comprehensive voice for our country.
captures more voices than any present
candidate and than any past leader.

Obama deserves to be the next president
of the United States of America.

Sunday, December 16

The US Consumer

"the United States might have to pay dearly
now, ... for living so far beyond its means for
so long..."

- C. Fred Bergsten, Peterson Institute

It is imperative that economists look at what has
allowed the US to live "so far beyond its means...".
Easy credit is a definite culprit, in the form of credit
cards and home mortgages. Credit issuing institutions
lure customers with quick and easy to obtain credit,
misleading them about their true credit worthiness.

It is time for US regulators to ensure institutions provide
the adequate and appropriate credit to consumers or else
the US economy "might have to pay dearly now" and later

Sunday, November 18

Una Latino America

The integration of Latin America is imperative.
The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, proposes
promising ideas for the integration of Latin America.

As of now, he's shown to be a leader of actions. If he
continues on this path, while favoring democratic
governance, Latin America is on the way to to a
fruitful transformation.

Tuesday, October 2

Protect the Coca Leaf

The coca leaf, a gift of mother earth, must
be preserved. It is the twisted human
mind of some that has tainted the views of many.

It is the human mind, rather than mother nature
who is responsible for our perverse behaviors.
We must heal the minds of those who are dependent on the
derivatives of this plant. Only then can we restore
the honorable image this plant has had before the
human species for centuries.